Embark on a journey through the essence of elegance with TIJAN, an Arabic epithet for "Crowns", where we celebrate the singular sophistication and innate radiance of every woman and child.

Since our inception in 1992, the name TIJAN has been a beacon of luxurious couture, a synonym for exquisite women's evening attire, encompassing majestic gowns, abayas, sheilas, and enchanting flower girl ensembles. Our bridal collection is a dream woven into reality, offering sumptuous gowns, regal bridal crowns, and artistically crafted hand bouquets, alongside an exclusive curation of high-end bespoke jewelry and imported European accessories that redefine finery.

TIJAN's illustrious journey has been marked by grand unveilings at prestigious Bridal Show events in Dubai and celebrated through a tapestry of interviews and features on illustrious TV channels such as MBC, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Sharjah TV, Arabia TV, and Rotana Khaleejia TV, as well as in diverse high-profile publications. With the dawn of 2013, we proudly expanded our realm with DAR TIJAN FASHION in Dubai, introducing the ultra-luxe brand DAR TIJAN, our "House of Crowns".

Our distinguished patrons are the creme de la creme, including GCC Royalties, luminaries of the silver screen, and VIPs whose very names evoke grandeur.